Domestic Assistance for the aged in their own homes

20 Mar. 2016

Are you looking for a cleaner who will clean for your parents, like you do?

Festive Fragrances To Keep Your House
Smelling Fresh Over The Holidays

30 Oct. 2013

We are now in the run up to Christmas, with less than two months left to go. For most, Christmas is the busiest time of year for household foot traffic with more friends and family popping in or staying over than usual, which ultimately puts more strain on your hectic festive schedule.

Top Tips for a Tidy Work Environment

30 Sep. 2013

As commercial cleaners, we’re always looking to find ways to keep the office clean and tidy. Whether you work in an office, or you work from home, here are a few of our tips to keeping your work environment a bit cleaner.

Conquer Office Mess And Get Productive! Part 2-
Deep Clean Your Space

27 Aug. 2013

The thought of deep cleaning an office space is enough to make most people want to head for the hills, but it’s vital to find the time if you want to be more productive, healthier and better organised at work.

Conquer Office Mess And Get Productive! Part 1 – Declutter Your Space

24 Jul. 2013

Spending more time searching for things than actually working is no way to succeed in business. With phones ringing, emails to answer and meetings to attend, we’re constantly hearing that if the office was tidier, employees would be more productive and happier. But for most business owners, it seems that there simply isn’t enough time during the working day to attempt a deep clean. We believe the answer is simple.

Does Your Cleaning Cupboard Need A Revamp?

27 Jun. 2013

Most people who actually own a cleaning cupboard will tell you that it’s usually the messiest space in the whole house. Dirty rags, old tins of wood polish and half empty bottles of chemical sprays can often be found shoved into one small, unloved space. Surely the cleaning cupboard should be setting an example to all the other cupboards!

A Cheats Guide To Keeping On Top Of The Housework

23 May. 2013

It’s Saturday, and after a hectic week at work the last thing you need is to spend your precious spare time cleaning! Sometimes housework can seem like an endless task. Within hours of clearing up, everything seems to be untidy again. It’s such a thankless chore! But have no fear!

5 Quick Cleaning Tips for Around the Home

22 Apr. 2013

As home cleaning experts here on the Gold Coast, we’re always looking to find ways to improve our service for our customers. Here are some simple tips to use around the home.

Commercially Clean

20 Mar. 2013

If you’ve ever worked in an office you’ll know first hand, what kind of mess can be made in a seemingly ordinary workplace. Sure, your desk is tidy, but what about the other forty six desks in your office, do they adhere to the same level of cleanliness? Your average ‘desk jockey’ can spill their tea up to 12 times a year.

New Website Launched!

11 Feb. 2013

We have recently have launched our new Autonomous Cleaning website which you are viwing right now. We have been working hard to get the website up and running and we are pleased with the final result.

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